Artisan Vegan Foods

Saucha specializes in locally sourced, plant-based meal delivery and handcrafted, small-batch brewed kombucha in the Cayman Islands. Our passion for local vegan food is also expressed through our artisan organic sourdough, gluten-free vegan snacks and desserts, catering options and special events. In October, 2018, we opened our first storefront, the Conscious Café, inside Art Nest Creative Studio situated near the airport. 

Britta Bush
Britta Bush, Owner

Vegan Meal Delivery Service

We deliver our vegan meals Monday-Friday to your home or office between West Bay and Grand Harbour. Now offering a Set Weekly Menu, based on 5 years of customer favorites, we are proud to bring conscious eating and consistency to your wellness routine.  Stay informed of the latest events by signing up for our Monthly Newsletter.


Kombucha Bottle

Our Kombucha

All of our signature kombucha flavors are handcrafted and small-batch brewed. We like to infuse local, fresh and organic ingredients to enhance flavor and nutritional benefits. All of our bottles are sourced from local restaurants to aid the recycling effort in Cayman.

Our kombucha can arrive straight to your doorstep, or you can find it at our select retail locations. You can also find our line-up of raw/vegan energy bites, desserts, and grab and go at our exclusive retailer, Art Nest.

Locally Sourced

Every ingredient we use is hand selected and consciously chosen. From the veggies coming from the local Farmer’s Market, to the Kangen Water we use in the kombucha, to the organic whole grains in the meals, to the raw/organic cacao powder in the desserts, to the Himalayan Pink Salt that we exclusively use in the kitchen. We believe in supporting our local community and companies that are organic, non-GMO, eco-friendly and fair-trade. Even our packaging is eco friendly. We only use compostable materials (yes, even that stuff that looks like cellophane for those delicious Inside-Out Peanut Butter Cups). Did we mention our uniform t-shirts are made out organic hemp? Hemp is a great sustainable option that keeps us cooler, is antimicrobial, and has UV protection.

Britta Bush